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Surveillance is the "mainstay" of many investigations.  With good surveillance which produces good video, a domestic case can often be settled with much less difficulty than with the lack of video.  For a person who is worried that their spouse is involved in an affair or is generally cheating, surveillance is the best way to confirm suspicions or clear up the whole matter.  Of course insurance companies highly value good claimant video to help in insurance fraud cases.  Not much can be said for a claimant who claims he can't work at all, and is then caught on top of a roof as part of a construction crew, which we have done.  Without question, surveillance is a valuable tool in insurance workers comp fraud cases, just as it is in the case of a cheating spouse.


Even though surveillance is the best way to determine the activities of another person, surveillance is not fool proof.  For one thing surveillance is not easy.  Contrary to what most people think due to TV and movies, the thought that it's easy to follow a person is very misleading, and incorrect.  Mobile surveillance is very difficult even with multiple surveillance vehicles.  Affective mobile surveillance cannot be done by just anyone.  It takes training, and years of experience to develop the proper techniques for mobile surveillance which will allow for the surveillance detective to maintain contact without detection of the subject being followed.  Don't be fooled, not everyone who claims to be able to do mobile surveillance can really do it.  Being able to conduct affective mobile surveillance is essential to conducting a surveillance investigation.  Many types of surveillance are utilized during investigations, but mobile surveillance is a must!


Surveillance is just what the word means: it’s watching!  That is why to do effective surveillance it takes more than just a couple of hours.  According to the goal of the surveillance, it may take days of surveillance to accomplish the goals.  Sometimes, we get lucky and the objective of the surveillance is accomplished in the first day, but in most cases it takes more than one day.  On a good active day of surveillance much can be accomplished in setting patterns, hangouts, and personal preferences of the target which can greatly enhance the opportunity for success sometime during the allotment of surveillance time.  The more surveillance, the more information.  It's up to you, the client.  We don't need your money more than we value our reputation.  We will always let you know if we think the surveillance is a waste of time and your money.


Surveillance using hidden cameras or stationary stakeout positions is also a primary aspect of surveillance.  Just like mobile surveillance, a stationary stakeout position can be more difficult than most people think.  It often requires specially setup vehicles which will not create suspicion and detection.  PPIA utilizes different methods to insure the best possible manner to deal with the problem of detection during stationary surveillance.  When possible a hidden camera may be utilized to maintain a visual without exposing the investigator or his/her vehicle during an investigation.  It all depends on the "setup."


Don't be fooled, good surveillance is not easy, and you should be careful to use an investigative agency which has the experience and track record to produce the best possible chance of gaining the information you need for your case, and Prestige is that agency!


Call us! We are ready to work for you!

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