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The elimination of any current problems in the work place and the prevention of future ones is what Prestige Private Investigations does best. We specialize in protecting corporate assets and screening both individuals and businesses before our clients are victimized.


Our Corporate Investigations practice helps companies assess allegations of corporate fraud or financial mismanagement and respond to government regulator requests. Our clients include companies across all industries, and we work directly with their corporate personnel such as the Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer, General Counsel, legal department personnel, the Internal Auditor, or other investigation team members. Some investigations also require that we work closely with audit committees and outside counsel. Expert investigative help is available at Prestige Private Investigations.



Clients come to us for help when they need to respond to allegations or prevent or detect potential problems before they occur. Through extensive fact-finding, we help clients investigate financial fraud or corruption, expense abuse, procurement fraud, violations of codes of conduct, third-party fraud or abuses, whistleblower complaints, and subpoenas from the SEC or the DOJ.

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